Monday, August 6, 2018

Why Pawning is Better Than a Paycheck Advance
The average debt for households that carry debts is around $16,000. Being in debt is a situation most people avoid because of its consequences, and some opt for a paycheck advance. Which can often increase debt in a game of catch up.

Pawn shops in Escondido get a bad reputation and often get lumped into the same category as auto title loan lenders. However, the truth is that pawn brokers serve as a cheaper alternative than paycheck advance places. Pawning your items don’t require you to have a good credit score. Most pawnshops only care about the value of the item to secure the loan.

Collateral lending is less risky than having pay waste your money playing catch up. The difference between a pay advance and pawning is that the former will destroy your credit if you can’t pay the money as agreed. At its worse, pawnshops will resell your item to regain their losses. Other than that, there are no other repercussions for not paying.

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