Friday, September 13, 2019

Why is This The Best Cash Advance in America
Seeking a loan for your valuables for some quick cash is a safer than borrowing a predatory payday loan. Pawn shops like Gems N' Loans lend you an amount of money that you then have to repay plus interest. Their loans are secured loans, by means of collateral, or any article of value.

The big differences between a pawn shops and a regular lenders, is that you actually bring your collateral to them and they hold on to it until the loan is repaid. If you can’t pay them back, they simply put the item up for sale in their shop. It is important to consider that the cash advance for your collateral is usually a piece of jewelry or a electronic device. Small items like iPhones can have a very high value. The amount you’ll borrow from a pawn shop is much smaller compared than the amount you’ll borrow with traditional personal loans.

There are many types of no credit check loans out there that don’t care about your credit score. However, even a soft check on your credit can still harm your score if you don’t pay them back. Pawn shop cash advances, however, do not run that risk. If the loan isn’t paid back, the pawn shop won’t send you to a debt collector who then reports your account to the credit bureaus. Instead, they’ll just sell your collateral.

Friday, September 6, 2019

The Best Cash Advance in America

During difficult financial times, people seem to gravitate to online and payday loan options for fast cash, especially in Escondido California. However, this is common in many cities around North County San Diego. The payday advance model has been around for a while and does offer immediate gratification. However, this type of loan can be risky for some based on various reasons. For example, theses types of loans require the borrower to surrender their bank information in order that the loan company can debit or extract the amount due including interest rates. The rates have been comparable to the highest credit card APR of 400-600%. The borrower can find themselves getting over draft fees should the funds not be available.

The best and underrated cash loan is the collateral lending model. Of course that which is facilitated through a pawn broker. The methodology is very simple. All the burrower needs to do is bring in something of value for it to be evaluated and then loaned against. The worst career scenario when the loan isn't paid back on time, only leaves two options. First call ahead for an extension since pawn shops like Gems N' Loans have been known to offer gracious extensions. Secondly, when all is exhausted, plan of forfeiting your article of value. This leave your bank account untouched in the clear and your credit score the same as when you first took the loan, in other words no credit check needed.